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Easy access to municipal information

JXSET custom information systems have been developed for the municipal authorities, accessible information and data to the public. The system allows the authority to manage a huge database of information and conduct itself in complete transparency with the residents. The system is used as an archive (document archive), with no limit on volume.


  • Management of a web database in text and media files (by categories, domains, file types, and more).

  • An integrative filtering engine for fast filtering of the search topic (domain, document type, and information, information content, etc.), without drowning in irrelevant information.

  • Adding important information about the relevant document (document description, legal status, etc.).

  • An advanced messaging system that allows you to update about new documents that have been published or changes that have been made to old documents.

  • Assimilation within the Authority's website, as an organic part of the site and in accordance with the existing design on the Authority's website.

  • Adding applications tailored to the needs of the Authority, including tenders and jobs offers management system.

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Modern platforms for research and project managing


Over the past few years, JXSET has been involved in the development of research and projects management systems for transportation at some of the world's most advanced research institutes. Our platform on which these systems are built enables the creation of an Application programming interface that integrating information from vast kinds of sensors, map data, applications, simulators, management systems, and more.

Projects and researches management systems enable research institutes and universities to collaborate and develop an interdisciplinary approach in theoretical and applied aspects.

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Conservatories and dance studios managing systems

JXSET, is a cloud-based web platform for managing music conservatories, high school music departments, music schools, and dance studios. The system covers all areas of management (pedagogy, curricula, students, teachers, attendance at classes, inventory of musical instruments, accessories, events, expenses, and income, and more). The system interfaces with billing software (API) and is designed in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Education. The system can be activated from the mobile phone easily. Adjustments can be added as per customer requirements.



JXSET is a partner in the development of a layered management approach. This new perception improves the organization's performance through barriers and bottlenecks releasing in the flow of information and data in the management system. The hierarchical structure makes it possible to process data, make suggestions and even make decisions at every level, and the relevant information exposes at every level. Our management systems developed according to this concept streamline the work for the organization - shorten the learning phase that consumes resources and promotes learning that gains profits.

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