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JXSET's information systems serve the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture, Technion Transportation Research Institute, rescue units and security agencies, educational and cultural institutions, tourism agencies, organization whom engaged in community management, vendor management and business operations, as well as traffic demand management systems, stadium events management, (the yearly biggest traffic event in Israel- Meron celebration), home nursing and services for elderly and more.

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CLIENT STORY //  Protea home care


Micha Shalom.
I wanted to express in a few words my great appreciation for the way you set up and implemented the software for "Protea at Home". As in the beginning, we set off with quite a few concerns. Characterization of needs, work process, software implementation and troubleshooting Very quickly we realized that we have a business with professionals who know how to provide service and the concerns are gone.
Your listening, professionalism and service deserve all the praise. The system went up to work in record time, and thanks to the professionalism and availability, all the organization's employees already use it and enjoy its efficiency and simplicity.
I would like to thank you and Mr. Eran Reuveni for making the process efficient and enjoyable.
Hoping for continued fruitful cooperation,
Gadi Sharon
Director of "Protea at Home" 03.03.2016

CLIENT STORY //  Ministry of Agriculture.


Micha and Shuki - JXSET company.

A routine and emergency event management system that developed and designed by you for the Ministry of Agriculture's emergency headquarters reflects a unique concept for the ease and convenience of operating and managing events in real time.

The patience and flexibility you devoted to all our requests, together with the conceptual innovation that developed through  cooperation work with the JXSET team workers, provided a quality product.


Moshe Shem Tov, Crisis Management Division at the Ministry of Agriculture.

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