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The need for environmental protection requires multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary cooperation (research institutes, service providers and developers). We are proud to take part in sustainable transportation development projects. 

Personalized Smart Travel Services on Urban Environments

The USMART project came to test the ability to optimize the use of mobile technologies as behavior changes in the travel habits of road users and in this case the crowd of fans who come to football matches in stadiums. For this purpose, a monitoring system was built to examine the contribution of bi-directional communication channel that transmits accurate information about the transportation situation in the stadium area while adapting the information to the needs of road users.

  • General information about how to get to the stadium

    • Location of parking lots and shuttles.

    • Location of public transport stations and trains.

    • Special means of travel.

    • Travel sharing services

  • Detailed information for planning directions

    • Parking reservation services.

    • Integrated trip planning services.

    • Information service about how other people get there.

  • Real-time traffic and transportation information

    • traffic jams.

    • Special traffic arrangements.

    • Messages and recommendations of the traffic police.

    • Updating parking guidance services prior arrival at the stadium.

  • Analysis information and indices after the event

    • Investigate actual travel.

    • Total cost and travel time calculation.

    • Introducing the segmentation of all the fans road's travels.

    • Time and cost distribution of all routes to the stadium.

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