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Custom Information Systems

JXSET Systems
On the Laptop

JXSET is a cloud information management system tailored to the needs and measures/profiles of every client. The flexibility of the system evolves from meeting user requirements as the main issue, alongside years of development, adaptation, and updating of technologies and protocols that relate to the field of the web applications

Modern approach

JXSET believes in a modern management approach, where information manage by a layered system (layers of tasks operating and information handling), not everything routed through one bottleneck at every stage you can see both- the big picture and all its components.


System customization (Tailor-made) is a modern service concept that allows every customer to characterize the system he needs without compromise on operating methods or others issues (like information managing manuals) that are already dictated. Collaboration with the customer during the setup phase ensures that the product that we provide to the customer will meet his needs and demands as much as possible.

White Crosses
שוקי לאתר JXSET.jpg

Shuki Shukrun
Establisher & Owner

Software engineer and developer of information management systems for institutions, organizations and private businesses.

  • Member in Golan Telecom's engineering group who estalished the Customer Information and Infrastructure system.

  • Member in establishing Customer Management and Information Management System of "Nisha - High Tech placement services".

  • Event Management System of Sami Ofer Stadium, and "511 Transportation Information routs" for Haifa metropolin. 

  • Engineer the Israeli crises managemt in agriculture system.

  • The "Time Bank" project Infrastructure, Educational Institutions mangement systems and more.

מיכה תמונה לאתר החדש.jpg

Micha Bar Meir
Products developer

Instructional designer for educational systems - with expertise in teaching and learning systems on the web platform (E-Learning). 

  • Developing manager for information management and implementation systems for the use of transportation technologies (ITS).

  • Member in the engineering group for Event management system of Sami Ofer Stadium, and "511 Transport Information routs" for Haifa metropolin.

  • Took part in the construction and estblishment of the ITS Israel  Association as the manager of Information and Research field, from 2007-2013.

  • Designed and developed the Israeli crises managemt in agriculture system.

Business Team Research

Engineering and Development

JXSET LTD participates in engineering groups that integrating ITS (smart transportation systems) in smart cities at the Transportation Research Institute at Haifa Technion. Innovations and applications that develop during experiments and researches are integrating into the company's products.

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